Wrestling Write-Ups

By Kaden Kremer

Delhi – On Tuesday November 30, 2021 your 3rd ranked Independence Mustangs travelled to take on the Maquoketa Valley Wildcats and the Monticello Panthers. The Mustangs wrestled The Panthers in the first dual and the starting weight was at 132 and Luke Johnson and Carter Straw both got the Mustangs rolling out of the gates with a fall and a 14-8 Decision. Then from 145-170 were forfeit wins the Mustangs picked up and then Mitch Johnson, Marcus Beatty, and Brady McDonald all got pins in dominating fashion. The Mustangs ended up winning the dual 65-10. The Mustangs didn’t have a break in between duals as they took on the Wildcats and didn’t need it as the starting weight was at 138 and Carter Straw got the crowd up right away with a pin and then we got to see returning State Champ Isaiah Weber take the mat for the first time this season with a pin, there was not a lot of action the rest of the dual as your Mustangs won 66-18. Your Mustangs will be wrestling at the Cliff Keen Independence Invitational in Independence this Friday starting at 2PM and Saturday starting at 9AM.

Independence (INDE) 65.0 Monticello (MONT) 10.0
106: Tanner Wilson (INDE) over Ethan Long (MONT) (MD 14-1) 113: Jonah  Luensman (MONT) over Elliot Hurley (INDE) (MD 8-0) 120: Kaden Kremer (INDE) over Tait Luensman (MONT) (Fall 1:44) 126: Keyten Jacobsen (INDE) over Mark  Sunlin (MONT) (MD 10-1) 132: Luke Johnson (INDE) over Owen Ray (MONT) (Fall 2:00) 138: Carter Straw (INDE) over Kale  Hansen (MONT) (Dec 14-8) 145: Isaiah Weber (INDE) over   (MONT) (For.) 152: Talan Conrad (INDE) over   (MONT) (For.) 160: Elijah Daniel (INDE) over   (MONT) (For.) 170: Caden Larson (INDE) over   (MONT) (For.) 182: Mitch Johnson (INDE) over AJ Phelps (MONT) (Fall 0:31) 195: Marcus Beatty (INDE) over Miles  Hatchel (MONT) (Fall 1:36) 220: Brady McDonald (INDE) over Bryce Cleeton (MONT) (Fall 0:43) 285: Ian Taylor (MONT) over Tono Cornell (INDE) (Fall 2:35)

Independence (INDE) 66.0 Maquoketa Valley (MAVA) 18.0
106: Tanner Wilson (INDE) over Brenden  Frasher (MAVA) (Fall 2:45) 113: Logan Bevans (INDE) over   (MAVA) (For.) 120: Kaden Kremer (INDE) over   (MAVA) (For.) 126: Tyler Wieland (INDE) over Arion Rave (MAVA) (Fall 2:23) 132: Luke Johnson (INDE) over   (MAVA) (For.) 138: Carter Straw (INDE) over Tyreese  Crippin (MAVA) (Fall 2:58) 145: Isaiah Weber (INDE) over Mason  Jolley (MAVA) (Fall 1:46) 152: Michael Schaul (MAVA) over Talan Conrad (INDE) (Fall 2:50) 160: Elijah Daniel (INDE) over Kobe  Peter (MAVA) (Fall 1:45) 170: Dalton Hoover (INDE) over   (MAVA) (For.) 182: Mitch Johnson (INDE) over Aiden  Salow (MAVA) (Fall 1:10) 195: Marcus Beatty (INDE) over Nathan Bietz (MAVA) (Fall 1:38) 220: Brady Davis (MAVA) over Brady McDonald (INDE) (Fall 3:14) 285: Devin Smith (MAVA) over Quentin Krogmann (INDE) (Fall 5:33)