The Independence Mustangs Travels to Charles City and Remains Undefeated

 October 8th, 2021    By: Charisse Lolagne 

            In the first quarter of the varsity football game between the Mustangs and the Comets, Mitchell Johnson completed a pass to Keegan Schmitt for 27 yards. This was the first touchdown of the night made by the Independence Mustangs. ( Two-Point Conversion Pass by Keegan Schmitt to Sawyer Wendling is successful.) Later in the 1st quarter, Mitchell Johnson completed another pass. This time it was to Jacob Sidles for a 53 yards touchdown for the Independence Mustangs. Independence took a commanding lead with a score of 14-0.

            In the second quarter of the game, Mitchell Johnson completed a pass for 5 yards to Brady McDonald and the third passing touchdown for the Mustangs! (Two-point conversion pass by Marcus Beatty to Sawyer Wendling is Successful.) Determined to score, Ian Collins of the Comets attempts a pass to his teammate and is intercepted by Teegan McEnany for a touchdown for the Mustangs. (Point after kick by Sawyer Wendling is good.) With the Mustangs still remaining in the lead with a score of 29-0.

            In the third quarter, Mitchell Johnson passed the ball to Brady McDonald again for a 28-yard score! (Two-point conversion pass by Marcus  Beatty was not successful.) As the clock was a second away from ending the third quarter, Mitchell Johnson completed his 5th and final touchdown pass of the night to Sawyer Wendling for an 8 yards score. (Point after kick by Sawyer Wendling is successful.) With the Mustangs having a winning season, the final score of the Mustangs vs. The Comets game was 42-0. The Mustangs remain undefeated (7-0) while they continuously display high football intelligence and hard work as a unit. Every team member has contributed to the successful season. The Mustangs have definitely improved since the last season and are displaying it in every game and practice.