Cross Country State Qualifying Meet Results

On Wednesday, October 20, 2021, The Independence Varsity Cross Country Team ran in the 3A State Qualifying Meet in Decorah Iowa. Here are the results. For Varsity Girls, Senior Alyssa Larson ran a time of 22:33.90 placing overall in 41st place. The closest Mustang was Freshman Reaghan Ressler running a 24:06.90 finishing 61st. Also, Junior Bella Ressler ran a close time of 24:55.10 ending at 69th place. The Independence Varsity Girls placed 13th out of 13. On the boy’s Varsity side, leading the Mustangs was Senior Robert Hansen who ran a 19:39.60 placing 56th for the boys. Also, Junior Kale Wieland ran a time of 20:09.00 placing 68th. And close by was Senior Matt Tudor running a 20:30.50 ending in 73rd. The Varsity Boys finished as a team in 13th place out of 13 also. Although no one qualified for the State Meet, this team had a great season! Congrats to all the Varsity runners and their hard work this year. All times and results for the Mustangs are posted below.

Varsity Girls

Place Overall GirlsNameTimeGrade
#41Alyssa Larson22:33.90SR
#61Reaghan Ressler24:06.90FR
#69Bella Ressler24:55.10JR
#79Gabby Toale26:25.90SO
#82Ashlyn Martin27:14.60SR
#83Laura Smith27:18.90SR
Out of 86

Varsity Boys

Place Overall Boys NameTimeGrade
#56Robert Hansen19:39.60SR
#68Kale Wieland20:09.00JR
#73Matt Tudor20:30.50SR
#81Ethan Calahan21:10.50FR
#82Carter Straw21:21.40JR
#87Blake Gates21:59.20SO
#89Will Perry22:41.60JR
Out of 90

Mustang Cross Country Team @ WaMac

On Thursday, October 14, 2021, the Indee Mustang Cross Country team ran at WaMaC in Solon, Iowa. This was a super tough race as it is WaMaC but the Indee team did very well! For Varsity, Senior Alyssa Larson placed 46th running a 22:47.2 and Freshman Reghan Ressler ran a 23:26.5 finishing in 58th. Also, Senior Robert Hansen placed 65th running a time of 19:48.8, and close behind was Freshman Ethan Calahan placing 70th running a 20:22.5. For Junior Varsity for the girls, Junior Sydney Schwartz ran a 27:37.5 placing 92nd and Senior Maddie Toulouse ran a 29:01.0 placing 104th. On the boy’s side, Freshman Ethan Wilcox ran a PR of 21:52.1 placing 93rd. Close by was Sophomore Carter Homan running a 22:01.7 finishing 95th. Congratulations to all the runners on this incredible team and to the Seniors as well! It was a great season for the Mustangs. (times are listed below)

Varsity Girls 
#46 Alyssa Larson 22:47.2  SR
#58 Reghan Ressler 23:26.5 FR
#70 Bella Ressler 25:14.4 JR
#76 Gabby Toale 25:59.1 SO
#78 Ashlyn Martin 27:13.0 SR
#79 Laura Smith 27:33.7 SR

Varsity Boys
#65 Robert Hansen 19:48.8 SR
#70 Ethan Calahan 20:22.5 FR
#75 Kale Wieland 20:47.3 JR
#78 Yoshito Hirohara 21:22.3 
#79 Matt Tudor 21:26.2 SR
#83 Blake Gates 22:00.2 SO
#85 Carter Straw 22:07.8 JR

JV Girls
#92 Sydney Schwartz 27:35.5 JR
#104 Maddie Toulouse 29:01.0

JV Boys
#93 Ethan Wilcox 21:52.1 FR PR
#95 Carter Homan 22:01.7 SO
#108 Kyle Justason 22:41.8 SO
#127 William Hansen 25:23.1 FR

The Independence Mustangs Travels to Charles City and Remains Undefeated

 October 8th, 2021    By: Charisse Lolagne 

            In the first quarter of the varsity football game between the Mustangs and the Comets, Mitchell Johnson completed a pass to Keegan Schmitt for 27 yards. This was the first touchdown of the night made by the Independence Mustangs. ( Two-Point Conversion Pass by Keegan Schmitt to Sawyer Wendling is successful.) Later in the 1st quarter, Mitchell Johnson completed another pass. This time it was to Jacob Sidles for a 53 yards touchdown for the Independence Mustangs. Independence took a commanding lead with a score of 14-0.

            In the second quarter of the game, Mitchell Johnson completed a pass for 5 yards to Brady McDonald and the third passing touchdown for the Mustangs! (Two-point conversion pass by Marcus Beatty to Sawyer Wendling is Successful.) Determined to score, Ian Collins of the Comets attempts a pass to his teammate and is intercepted by Teegan McEnany for a touchdown for the Mustangs. (Point after kick by Sawyer Wendling is good.) With the Mustangs still remaining in the lead with a score of 29-0.

            In the third quarter, Mitchell Johnson passed the ball to Brady McDonald again for a 28-yard score! (Two-point conversion pass by Marcus  Beatty was not successful.) As the clock was a second away from ending the third quarter, Mitchell Johnson completed his 5th and final touchdown pass of the night to Sawyer Wendling for an 8 yards score. (Point after kick by Sawyer Wendling is successful.) With the Mustangs having a winning season, the final score of the Mustangs vs. The Comets game was 42-0. The Mustangs remain undefeated (7-0) while they continuously display high football intelligence and hard work as a unit. Every team member has contributed to the successful season. The Mustangs have definitely improved since the last season and are displaying it in every game and practice.

Mustang Cross Country Team @ Lynx Invitational

On Saturday, October 10, 2021, the Independence Mustangs Cross Country Team traveled to North Linn to run in the Lynx Invitational. For Varsity Girls, Senior Alyssa Larson ran a 23:077 placing 59th while Freshman Reaghan Ressler was close behind running a 23:237 finishing 62nd. On the boy’s side for Varsity, Junior Kale Wieland ran a 20:206 placing 89th for the Mustangs. In a close finish, Sophomore Blake Gates finished 95th with a 20:486 and Freshman Ethan Calahan was close running a 20:536 placing 96th. Congrats to all the runners who competed on Saturday. The Mustangs will run on Thursday, October 14, 2021, for Varsity WaMac at Solon High School (4:00 pm). 

Varsity Girls
#59 Alyssa Larson 23:077:26
#62 Reaghan Ressler  23:237:31
#78 Bella Ressler  25:368:14
#80 Gabby Toale  25:508:19
#87 Maddie Toulouse 30:549:56

Varsity Boys
#89 Kale Wieland 20:206:33
#95 Blake Gates 20:486:42
#96 Ethan Cahalan 20:536:43
#110 Will Perry  21:457:00
#111 Carter Straw  22:097:08
#116 Ethan Wilcox  24:117:47
#121 Cael Post  27:398:54

Mustang Cross Country Team @ West Delaware

On Tuesday, October 5, 2021, the Independence Mustang Varsity Cross Country team traveled to West Delaware, Manchester to run a 5k. For the girls, Senior Alyssa Larson and Freshman Reaghan ran the same time of 23:027.25 and they shared 65th and 66th place. Incredible run for those two. Sophomore Gabby Toale had a PR of 25:158.07. On the boy’s side, Senior Robert Hansen lead the pack of Mustangs and ran a 19:076.09 placing 89th, close by was Junior Kale Wieland running a 19:466.22 placing 107th. Lastly, Freshman Ethan Calahan placed 110th running a 19:506.23. Congrats to all the runners that ran last night! The Varsity team will run Monday, October 11, 2021, at Center Point Urbana. 

For the JV team, Junior Will Perry ran a 21:436.59 placing 64th, and close behind was Freshman Ethan Wilcox who ran a 21:436.59 placing 65th. Also, Sophomore Carter Homan placed 74th running a 22:057.01. Congrats to all of the JV runners as well. (times are below)

#64 Will Perry, 21:436:59
#65 Ethan Wilcox, 21:507:01
#74 Carter Homan,  22:057:06
#77 Kyle Justason,  22:137:09
#119 William Hansen, 26:138:26
#120 Cael Post, 26:298:31

#65 Alyssa Larson,  23:027:25
#66 Reaghan Ressler, 23:027:25
#85 Bella Ressler, 24:528:00
#92 Gabby Toale,  25:158:07
#104 Ashlyn Martin,  26:218:29
#105 Laura Smith,  26:308:32

#89 Robert Hansen,  19:076:09
#107 Weiand Kale,  19:466:22
#110 Ethan Cahalan,  19:506:23
#123 Matt Tudor,  20:366:38
#128 Gates Blake,  21:186:51
#137 Carter Straw, 21:446:59
#143 Yoshito Hirohana, 22:547:22

Quarterback executes a handoff

Independence Mustangs Win 107th Homecoming Game

(October 1st, 2021) by Charisse Lolagne

           The 107th Homecoming Game had a slow start, with both teams going scoreless in the 1st quarter.  In the second quarter, Mitchell Johnson completed a pass to Brady McDonald for the first touchdown of the night for the Mustangs. (Point after kick by Sawyer Wendling is good.) Right before the half,  with  1:23 left on the clock, Marcus Beatty ran for a 3 yards touchdown for the Mustangs. (Point after kick by Sawyer Wendling is good.) The halftime score had the Mustangs leading 14-0.

            At the beginning of the third quarter, Marcus Beatty ran for a 6-yard touchdown for the Independence Mustangs. (Sawyer Wendling’s Point after kick is successful.) Not long after that play, Cal Heeren of the Bulldogs ran for 62 yards which resulted in a touchdown for the Hampton-Dumont Bulldogs. ( Point after kick by Tucker Heeren is successful).  The next scoring play was for the Mustangs when Mitchell Johnson completed a pass to Keegan Schmitt for a 39-yard score. (Point after kick by Sawyer Wendling is good.)  Right at the end of the 3rd quarter, with two seconds left on the clock, Marcus Beatty ran for an 8-yard touchdown. (Two-point conversion pass by Keegan Schmitt is unsuccessful.) After the 3rd quarter, the score was 34-7 in favor of the Mustangs.

            During the fourth quarter, both teams were struggling to score, until Cal Heeren completed a pass to Tate Schmitt for 11 yards and there was another Touchdown for the Bulldogs. (Two-Point Conversion pass by Cal Heeren is no good.) The next score was made when Marcus Beatty ran for 50 yards for the score. (Point after kick by Sawyer Wendling is no good.) The final score of the Homecoming game was Independence 40, Hampton-Dumont-CAL 13.

Mustang Cross Country Team @ Western Dubuque

On September 30, 2021, the Mustang Cross Country Team traveled to Western Dubuque to race in a 5k. Leading the pack for the girls was Freshman Reaghan Ressler placing 46th running a 25:06 and finishing 55th was Junior Bella Ressler who ran a 27:04. Lastly, Sophomore Gabby Toale was close to Ressler with a time of 27:38 placing 57 and so was Senior Laura Smith with a time of 28:04 finishing 58th. On the boy’s side, Senior Robert Hansen ran a 20.31 placing 52nd. In a close finish, Freshman Ethan Calahan finished 53rd with a time of 20:32, and also very close was Junior Yoshito Hirohara running 20:57 placing 59th. Overall the times were super close and everybody did a great job. The Mustangs will run again on Tuesday, October 5, 2021, at Hart Ridge Golf Course at 4:15.


46  Reaghan Ressler F, FR      25:06    
55 Bella Ressler F, JR            27:04  
57 Gabby Toale F, SO              27:38  
58  Laura Smith F, SR              28:04    
65  Ashlyn Martin F, SR            29:59  
66 Maddie Toulouse F, SR          31:11  
67   Elizabeth Kremer F, FR         32:38 


52    Robert Hansen SR            20:31 
53    Ethan Calahan FR            20:32  
59    Yoshito Hirohara  JR         20:57  
61    Matt Tudor  SR               21:11  
67    Blake Gates  SO              21:53 
77    Kale Wieland  JR             23:40  79   
Carter Straw JR             23:48