Mustangs VS Raiders and Bobcats

By Kaden Kremer

Williamsburg- On Thursday, December 9th, 2021 Your #3 ranked Independence Mustangs traveled to Williamsburg to take on the #15 ranked Williamsburg Raiders and the Benton Community Bobcats. The Mustangs faced off against Benton in the first dual there were some close matches throughout the dual but Benton could not stop the upper weights as Indee took the dual 61-10. The Mustangs had a quick turn around to face Williamsburg. Williamsburg started off pretty strong but then was stopped when the Mustangs won 4 matches in a row from 182-285. The crowd got to see a very exciting ranked match-up at 120 where Kaden Kremer beat Tytan Guerrero in a very close 14-9 match. The Mustangs came out on top 45-21 vs the #15 ranked Williamsburg. Your Mustangs travel to Tama, IA this Saturday to take in part of the STC Duals.

Independence (INDE) 61.0 Benton Community (BECO) 10.0
132: Blake Heying (BECO) over Keyten Jacobsen (INDE) (Dec 6-2) 138: Luke Johnson (INDE) over Dawson  Franck (BECO) (MD 9-1) 145: Brenden Heying (BECO) over Carter Straw (INDE) (Dec 6-1) 152: Isaiah Weber (INDE) over Clayton Sebetka (BECO) (Fall 0:32) 160: Teegan McEnany (INDE) over Mason Dellamuth (BECO) (Fall 2:41) 170: Caden Larson (INDE) over Koley Kelly (BECO) (Fall 2:14) 182: Mitch Johnson (INDE) over Troy Kupka (BECO) (Fall 1:15) 195: Marcus Beatty (INDE) over   (BECO) (For.) 220: Brady McDonald (INDE) over   (BECO) (For.) 285: Tono Cornell (INDE) over Kamden Kesl (BECO) (Dec 6-3) 106: Tanner Wilson (INDE) over Caden Wallace (BECO) (Fall 1:53) 113: Elliot Hurley (INDE) over Luke Gehling (BECO) (Fall 1:38) 120: Kaden Kremer (INDE) over Jordan Thys (BECO) (Fall 1:10) 126: Jaiden  Moore (BECO) over Tyler Wieland (INDE) (MD 14-4)

Independence (INDE) 45.0 Williamsburg (WILL) 21.0
138: Nile Sinn (WILL) over Luke Johnson (INDE) (Fall 1:28) 145: Carter Straw (INDE) over Ayden Stratton (WILL) (Fall 4:41) 152: Isaiah Weber (INDE) over Cael  Moore (WILL) (Fall 1:42) 160: Teegan McEnany (INDE) over Bryan Riedel (WILL) (SV-1 5-3) 170: Kam Royster (WILL) over Caden Larson (INDE) (Fall 1:19) 182: Mitch Johnson (INDE) over Gable Dayton (WILL) (Dec 5-3) 195: Marcus Beatty (INDE) over Jack Geels (WILL) (SV-1 4-2) 220: Brady McDonald (INDE) over Cale Fenton (WILL) (Fall 1:37) 285: Tono Cornell (INDE) over Gavin Vesey (WILL) (Fall 0:46) 106: Kyler  Provin (WILL) over Tanner Wilson (INDE) (Dec 7-0) 113: Gavin Jensen (WILL) over Elliot Hurley (INDE) (Fall 4:26) 120: Kaden Kremer (INDE) over Tytan Guerrero (WILL) (Dec 14-9) 126: Tyler Wieland (INDE) over Caleb Mohr (WILL) (Fall 2:57) 132: Keyten Jacobsen (INDE) over Fletcher Maser (WILL) (Dec 6-4)