Mustangs Run at Waverly-Shell Rock Invitational

By: Mackenzie Christian

Waverly, Iowa – On Tuesday September 7, 2021, the Independence Cross Country Team traveled to Wartburg College to run in the Dick Pollitt Go-Hawk Classic in Waverly Iowa. There were about 150 participants in each age division and our Mustang runners did very well. This event was the first meet of the season for the Mustangs. For the 9th-10th grade girls, Freshman Reaghan Ressler got a time of 24:28.51 placing at the 43rd spot. On the boys side it was a very close race with freshman Tyler Wieland finishing with a time of 21:07.90 in 52nd and freshman Ethan Calahan finishing 71st with a time of 21:54.41. On the older side of the competition for the girls, senior Alyssa Larson ended with a time of 23:22.44 in 29th place. Closet to Larson for Indee was Junior Bella Ressler with a time of 25:49.60 in 67th place. For the boys, junior Kale Wieland ran a very impressive time of 19:46.90 placing 57th. Following was, Senior Cameron Kriens had a time of 20:09.77 finishing 61st and senior Robert Hansen was very close in the 67th with a time of 20:29.06. Congratulations to all the members of the Independence Cross Country team who competed today! Their next meet is on Saturday September 11, 2021, at Benton Community High School at 9:00 a.m.


9th and 10th Grade Boys
#52 Tyler Wieland: 21:07:90
#71 Ethan Calahan 21:54:41
#79 Ethan Wilcox 22:15:09
#84 Blake Gates  22:31:51
#86 Carter Homan  22:42:05
#130 William Hansen 25:51:46
#132 Kyle Jusatason 25:58:61
#142 Cael Post 28:30:24

11th and 12th Grade Girls
#29 Alyssa Larson 23:22:44
#67 Bella Ressler 25:49:60
#108 Ashlyn Martin 28:56:95
#118 Laura Smith 29:20:39
#127 Maddie Toulouse 30:06:16

11th and 12th Grade Boys
#57 Kale Wieland  19:46:90
#61 Cameron Kriens 20:09:77
#67 Robert Hansen  20:29:06
#93 Carter Straw 21:26:33
#101 Matthew Tudor 21:44:95
#109 Yoshito Hirohara 22:04:44
#125 Will Perry 23:22:68

9th and 10th Grade Girls
#43 Reaghan Ressler 24:28:51
#85 Gabby Toale  27:15:08
#135 Elizabeth Kremer 33:41:90