Mustang Cross Country Team @ WaMac

On Thursday, October 14, 2021, the Indee Mustang Cross Country team ran at WaMaC in Solon, Iowa. This was a super tough race as it is WaMaC but the Indee team did very well! For Varsity, Senior Alyssa Larson placed 46th running a 22:47.2 and Freshman Reghan Ressler ran a 23:26.5 finishing in 58th. Also, Senior Robert Hansen placed 65th running a time of 19:48.8, and close behind was Freshman Ethan Calahan placing 70th running a 20:22.5. For Junior Varsity for the girls, Junior Sydney Schwartz ran a 27:37.5 placing 92nd and Senior Maddie Toulouse ran a 29:01.0 placing 104th. On the boy’s side, Freshman Ethan Wilcox ran a PR of 21:52.1 placing 93rd. Close by was Sophomore Carter Homan running a 22:01.7 finishing 95th. Congratulations to all the runners on this incredible team and to the Seniors as well! It was a great season for the Mustangs. (times are listed below)

Varsity Girls 
#46 Alyssa Larson 22:47.2  SR
#58 Reghan Ressler 23:26.5 FR
#70 Bella Ressler 25:14.4 JR
#76 Gabby Toale 25:59.1 SO
#78 Ashlyn Martin 27:13.0 SR
#79 Laura Smith 27:33.7 SR

Varsity Boys
#65 Robert Hansen 19:48.8 SR
#70 Ethan Calahan 20:22.5 FR
#75 Kale Wieland 20:47.3 JR
#78 Yoshito Hirohara 21:22.3 
#79 Matt Tudor 21:26.2 SR
#83 Blake Gates 22:00.2 SO
#85 Carter Straw 22:07.8 JR

JV Girls
#92 Sydney Schwartz 27:35.5 JR
#104 Maddie Toulouse 29:01.0

JV Boys
#93 Ethan Wilcox 21:52.1 FR PR
#95 Carter Homan 22:01.7 SO
#108 Kyle Justason 22:41.8 SO
#127 William Hansen 25:23.1 FR