Independence Mustangs vs. Center Point Urbana Stormin’ Pointers

By: Charisse Lolagne 

            After a scoreless first quarter, Mitchell Johnson was prepared to score in the second quarter of the game. Johnson completed a pass to Keegan Schmitt that went for a 27-yard touchdown, the first one of the night. (Two-point conversion run by Trey Weber is good). In the last 58 seconds of the game, Mitchell Johnson completed a 14-yard pass to Brady McDonald and another touchdown for the Independence Mustangs!

            As the third quarter began, the Mustangs were eager to score again. Marcus Beatty ran the ball 28 yards for the third touchdown of the night. (Two-point conversion run by Marcus Breatty is no good). Marcus Beatty attempted yet another scoring play when he ran for 16 yards for another touchdown for the Independence Mustangs! (Two-point conversion by Marcus Beatty is no good.) Marcus Beatty runs another 28 yards for yet another touchdown for the mustangs! (Two-point conversion pass by Mitchell Johnson to Brady McDonald is good.) Mitchell Johnson’s 40-yard pass completion to Marcus Beatty for 40 yards Touchdown. (Two-point conversion run by Mitchell Johnson is no good.) The score of the game is now 34-0, with Mustangs in the lead.

            As the fourth quarter of the night began with Marcus Beatty determined to score yet again. Beatty successfully completed a pass to Brady McDonald for 79 yards and another touchdown for the Mustangs. The Stormin’ Pointers had yet to score a touchdown until now when Collin Hoskins ran for two yards putting CP/U on the scoreboard for their first score of the night. (Two-point conversion pass by Havel Braylon is no good). Bad snap for a -15 yard fumble! (Team) Recovered by Bryson Cunningham  for a touchdown (A two-point conversion run by Haven Braylon is good.) The final score of the game was a Mustangs 40-14 win over the Stormin’ Pointers.