Physical Examination

Every year each student (grades 7-12) must present a certificate signed by a licensed physician to the effect that the student has been examined and may safely engage in athletic competition.


Students participating in interscholastic athletics, cheerleading and dance; and their parents/guardians; must annually sign the acknowledgement in this document and return it to the school. Students cannot practice or compete in those activities until this form is signed and returned.

Students are encouraged to have a baseline concussion examination performed prior to the start of their athletic season. ICSD contracts with Buchanan County Health Center using the Sway Medical app. This test is not required but strongly encouraged. If you are interested in having your child complete a baseline concussion test, please bring the completed form listed below along with $10 to the date and location provided by your child’s coach. More details can be found on the form.


Please talk to your coach or sponsor if you have questions.