Cross Country State Qualifying Meet Results

On Wednesday, October 20, 2021, The Independence Varsity Cross Country Team ran in the 3A State Qualifying Meet in Decorah Iowa. Here are the results. For Varsity Girls, Senior Alyssa Larson ran a time of 22:33.90 placing overall in 41st place. The closest Mustang was Freshman Reaghan Ressler running a 24:06.90 finishing 61st. Also, Junior Bella Ressler ran a close time of 24:55.10 ending at 69th place. The Independence Varsity Girls placed 13th out of 13. On the boy’s Varsity side, leading the Mustangs was Senior Robert Hansen who ran a 19:39.60 placing 56th for the boys. Also, Junior Kale Wieland ran a time of 20:09.00 placing 68th. And close by was Senior Matt Tudor running a 20:30.50 ending in 73rd. The Varsity Boys finished as a team in 13th place out of 13 also. Although no one qualified for the State Meet, this team had a great season! Congrats to all the Varsity runners and their hard work this year. All times and results for the Mustangs are posted below.

Varsity Girls

Place Overall GirlsNameTimeGrade
#41Alyssa Larson22:33.90SR
#61Reaghan Ressler24:06.90FR
#69Bella Ressler24:55.10JR
#79Gabby Toale26:25.90SO
#82Ashlyn Martin27:14.60SR
#83Laura Smith27:18.90SR
Out of 86

Varsity Boys

Place Overall Boys NameTimeGrade
#56Robert Hansen19:39.60SR
#68Kale Wieland20:09.00JR
#73Matt Tudor20:30.50SR
#81Ethan Calahan21:10.50FR
#82Carter Straw21:21.40JR
#87Blake Gates21:59.20SO
#89Will Perry22:41.60JR
Out of 90